Pizza, Prayer and Praise

5th May 2015  6.30pm

Church Away Day

Cornerstone Church, Nottingham
9th May 2015

See videos from the recent Romania trip

Hungarton Camp

Bookings are now open for Hungarton Camp 2015



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Think, pray, vote

Thinking biblically about politics

By now you are probably fed up with all the coverage of the election. It’s everywhere isn’t it? TV, radio, newspapers, internet, emails. There is no escape. There’s now even a way for journalists to create their own brief broadcast through Twitter. As a Christian we are not immune to feelings of frustration or apathy More


Reaching out to women involved in prostitution

I met up with Becky and Sarah earlier this week to talk about their exciting new ministry reaching out to women involved in prostitution in Leicester. Listen to a short interview.